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What situation do you need an insect screen for?

Terresa in front of patio door on wooden floor


RESi lightwell cover on house wall in gravel bed


Lisa lightwell cover on paved courtyard driveway


Motorised roller screen is operated with a remote control from the outside

Motorised roller screens

Swing door

Hinged frames for doors

Woman opens insect screening roller screen on window

Roller screens for windows

Hinged frame and swing windows

Pleated blinds

Schiebeanlage wird geöffnet und ein Mann geht entspannt hindurch

Sliding systems

Father accompanied by his children opens a roller screen for roof windows

Roller screen for roof windows

Woman uses stentering frame without tools

Stentering frames

ELSA lightwell cover with trip-free, flush-mounted construction

ELSA lightwell cover


"Fly screens have improved our everyday life."

Kundin von Neher im Portrait lacht in die Kamera
Svenja W. from M.
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Window with insect screening icon

Insect screening products for windows

Roof windows insect screening icon

Insect screening products for roof windows

Insect screening for doors

Insect screening products for doors

Lightwell covers from Neher icon

Lightwell cover