Polltec ensures peaceful sleep with an open window

Polltec by Neher: Pollen has to stay outside.

If you are fed up with the annual pollen nuisance, Neher has the perfect solution for you: the Polltec pollen screening fabric for allergy sufferers.

This insect screen with Polltec screening fabric manufactured to the millimetre keeps your bedroom almost completely pollen-free. Pollen stays outside and you will finally be able to breathe freely again.

Our Transpatec fine mesh fabric also has a tested pollen protection function. Both fabrics have been independently tested and awarded the ECARF seal. Have your Neher dealer explain the differences to you.

ECARF Siegel für Allergikerfreundlich

Learn more about Polltec on our pollen screening website.

Ask your Neher dealer about the Polltec pollen screening fabric for allergy sufferers.

Polltec Logo in Grün - Pollenschutzgewebe

What the press says

Neher Polltec pollen screening fabric at a glance

Polltec Pollenschutzgewebe bei offenem Fenster, Personen können beruhigt schlafen
Reliable protection against over 99% of grass and birch pollen and over 90% fine pollen such as that from ragweed or stinging nettles
Approx. three times higher air permeability compared to conventional pollen screening fabrics
Highest impermeability due to made-to-measure production and precise assembly in Neher insect screening frames proven millions of times over
Awarded with the ECARF seal of quality for tested protective effect
Double protection against pollen and insects

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