Woman opens insect screening roller screen on window

Insect screening roller screens from Neher: Innovative and proven.

Insect screening just when you need it. That’s what Neher roller screens for windows offer you. They are flexible in their application, innovative in their technology and, with their modern design, provide a unique aesthetic. Our first roller screen was already winning innovation prizes in 1997. Meanwhile, we have improved it even further. Meaning that you can operate it even more easily and enjoy it for a long time. By the way, the almost invisible Transpatec fabric can also be used in our roller screens.

Readjust spring force

Roller screens for windows

simple operation with one hand

Why Neher roller screens for windows

Quick readjustment of the spring force when installed or replacement of the fabric using the removable service blind on the RO4 roller screen.
Lateral brush channels prevent the fabric from unthreading in the wind.
The height-adjustable shaft and the unrolling edge ensure permanently taut, parallel fabric.
Uncomplicated technology, slim design and low price – the convincing RO5 insect screening roller screen from Neher.
The integrated brake makes the Transpatec roller screen even easier to operate.
Can be used on windows and doors. Ask your Neher dealer for the best solution for your installation.
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Insect screening for windows

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Roller screen for roof windows

Insect screening for doors

Insect screening for doors

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