The hinged frame for doors - secure protection for balcony and terrace.

Balcony and patio doors in particular are frequently used and require effective, robust and durable insect screening. Neher hinged frames are not only very stable, but also look good. And they are suitable as a flexible insect screening solution for practically any door. By the way: Neher has also thought of your darlings: Our doors can be equipped with cat or dog flaps and scratch-proof polyester cat fabric.

flexible - the cat flap

The hinged frame for door - unobtrusive

The hinged frame for door - optional damped

Why Neher hinged frames for doors?

High stability and durability despite low installation depth
Secure sealing against creepy-crawlies even on uneven ground thanks to multifunctional channel for brush guides
Optionally available with door closer. Standard with adjustable 2-point aluminium hinges.
Easy operation due to ergonomic handles
Also available in a low-noise version with brush-damping and invisibly integrated block magnets
Optionally available with cat or dog flap. So your darlings can keep their freedom.
Window with insect screening icon

Insect screening for windows

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Roller screen for roof windows

Insect screening for doors

Insect screening for doors

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Lightwell cover