Transpatec by Neher: The almost invisible insect screening.

Neher Transpatec insect screens set new standards in comparison to conventional fabrics: More transparency and light permeability, significantly better air passage, and high tear and puncture resistance make Transpatec the absolute pinnacle in achievement in the Neher product range.


Let the light come in - with Transpatec

Transpatec has an open fabric area of 80% and is therefore maximally permeable to air and light. This property makes the fabric almost invisible and thus maintain the appearance of your windows and doors from the inside as well as from the outside.

Let fresh air come in - with Transpatec

Transpatec`s air permeability is approx. 140% higher than that of a conventional standard fabric. The reason for this is the unique fabric structure: Air turbulence on the fabric is minimized. The reason for that results from the unique fabric structure, which minimizes air turbulences inside the meshes. More airflow means fresh air in all rooms and the satisfying feeling of doing something good for your well-being and the health of your family.

Transpatec stays clean

Transpatec is equipped with an additional environmentally friendly anti-soiling coating that keeps the fabric clean.

Patented weaving technology

Unlike to all other fabrics Transpatec is not produced in plain weave. Its threads are laid one on top of the other and connected with a third one. This technique allows much better cross-point strength and more stability than that of a canvas fabric.

We have received these awards for Transpatec:

Transpatec is a high-tech product, mainly used in the luxury segment.

If you are looking for the worldwide most innovative fabric you can’t go past Transpatec.

Transpatec is not only practical and innovative, it also meets the highest standards of modern living. And that is why it has been awarded several prestigious awards.

Brilliant transparency

High-tech thread