E-smog protective fabric by Neher: Your protective shield against electrosmog and insects.

Protection against electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog) is becoming an important issue for more and more people when designing their living spaces.

Neher electrosmog screens act like an invisible shield against high-frequency electromagnetic fields and offer effective insect protection as fly screens at the same time.

Put through its paces

We allow what we have known for a long time in our research department to be put to the acid test by independent institutes and renowned researchers.

Report of the Bundeswehr University Munich

HF, microwave and radar technology, Prof. Dipl. Ing. P. Pauli

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For comprehensive protection against electrosmog in your house, you should always have a trained measurement technician work out a complete solution for you.

Our competent partner for these matters is Dr. Dietrich Moldan from the Institute for Environmental Analysis. You can reach him at www.drmoldan.de.

Why electrosmog protection grids?

99.9% of the electromagnetic fields (D-net) are deflected by the fine, plastic-coated copper thread wrapped around the fibreglass core.
Protection effect of 99.7% in the E-network/UMTS
E-smog protection even when the window is open
Fly screen with high light and air permeability due to fine fabric yarn
High tensile strength and weather resistance due to high fibreglass content in the fabric