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Kundin von Neher im Portrait lacht in die Kamera


Svenja W. from M.

With Neher's insect screening solutions we can now simply live a more relaxed life.

The investment has paid off for us and even improved things beyond our original expectations.

When we finally decided to install proper insect screens, we had already spent a few years being annoyed almost every day. The evening mosquito hunt in the children’s room during the summer months had become just as much a ritual as airing the house in the dark so that the troublemakers stay outside. When the pollen flew, we had to keep the windows closed because otherwise everything was covered with fine yellow dust. In the morning the bedrooms were full of stale air. And we often could only gaze out at our balconies, veranda and garden instead of actually using them. Our house was like a fortress protecting us from nature – and windows and doors were the weak points. We live in the middle of green countryside and we actually wanted to let more air into the house. Bring outdoors and indoors closer together. So we started with a few attempts, but the fly nets from the DIY store were only suitable as a temporary solution. The cutting and mounting were still quite easy, but the whole thing did not really hold. At some point we were so fed up of improvising, and wanted to have a permanent solution before spring, that we made an appointment with a Neher dealer.

The Neher specialist advised us in detail and individually in order to find the suitable products.

He came by in February, measured the windows and doors in question, and then made us a fixed-price offer. So we knew exactly what to expect. We paid around 1,700 Euro for two high-quality swing doors and two stentering frames in windows – even though we have a rather complicated window situation with folding shutters. Just three weeks later the screens had arrived. Everything was in place in the twinkling of an eye and when I want to clean the insect screens I can easily remove them.

A completely new living experience

What’s changed since then? So much more than we expected. We now leave the windows open when we sleep, enjoy the fresh air, sleep better, and wake up more relaxed. If we want to air the house, we now leave the windows open on average much longer than before. Our house is fresher and more open, because the connection between living room and garden, kitchen and veranda is now free from complication. I don’t even have to push a handle to go through a swing door. So I always have my hands free, e.g. when I carry the lunch from the kitchen to the garden table.

Our living space has expanded and the boundaries between outside and inside are now fluid. And what I personally think is wonderful: the days of the mosquito hunt are over. Today the insects live peacefully outside and we feel connected to nature in a completely different way.

For us, the investment has been absolutely worthwhile, because our zest for life and sense of space has changed and improved noticeably. By the way, one year later we bought another two stentering frames. This means that our daughter can sleep well protected and with fresh air in her newly built room.

Services provided

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Advice, planning, installation from your Neher specialist dealer

2 x stentering frame

3 x swing door

Price approx. EUR 2000

Advice, planning, installation from your Neher specialist dealer

2 x stentering frame

2 x swing door

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